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For information on how to effectively assess student understanding (knowledge, attitudes, skills & aspirations), as well as evaluate overall course success.   Learn about creating rubrics, portfolios, and how to improve multiple choice questions.  

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What makes for a coherent course?

Visit this interactive webpage to learn more about matching learning objectives, instruction and assessment:

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Posted by cclawson; updated Aug 2 10:51am

Rethinking Your Exams

Have you been writing final exams for your courses?  It may even be possible that you have been writing many exams throughout the semester.  What purposes are your exams serving as a part of your course?  According to Kevin Ga

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Posted by cclawson; updated Apr 26 3:18pm

Effective Multiple Choice Questions

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Posted by cclawson; updated Feb 10 4:36pm

Creating Effective Rubrics

In plant breeding education, there are numerous objectives that require students to perform or produce something.  For these situations, multiple choice testing methods are not appropriate.  Some other method is needed to vali

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Posted by gsmiller; updated Feb 1 2:05pm