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Learn how to create effective lesson plans and evaluation & assessment plans that tie back to your overall Plant Breeding curriculum.  A place for information on how instruction is effectively delivered in the classroom, lab, and in the field.

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Lesson Plan Template

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Posted by cclawson; updated Sep 11 9:54am

Blooms Taxonomy Verbs

The following link is a list of action verbs associated with Bloom's Taxonomy:

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Posted by cclawson; updated Sep 14 9:05am

Objectives Presentation- 2017 Symposium

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Posted by cclawson; updated Aug 1 10:43am

Gaining the Attention of the Learners

Gaining the attention of the learners and focusing it in on what they will be learning that day is important to do at the beginning of a lesson.  In order to do this you must plan an interest approach.  An interest approach is

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Posted by cclawson; updated Feb 14 11:26am

How will you know your students have met your learning objectives?

After you have clearly outlined your learning objectives or desired results, you will move onto the next stage of lesson planning—planning assessments.  In order to do this you should ask yourself the following three questions

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Posted by cclawson; updated Sep 14 9:03am

Examples of Effective Learning Objectives

The following are examples of objectives that did not originally follow the ABCD format, but they have been rewritten to do so.  The revised version of each objective will also have each ABCD component labelled. 

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Posted by cclawson; updated Sep 14 8:57am

What is a lesson plan?

When planning curriculum you are creating a big picture road map for an educational program.  This road map determines how students will interact in order to accomplish an outlined set of educational goals.  Lesson planning is

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Posted by jlevings; updated Sep 14 8:57am

Why is lesson planning important?

Have you ever walked out of a class you had just taught and thought to yourself that it could have gone better?  Maybe you it went well, but you didn’t cover all of the information you wanted to.  Good lesson planning can solv

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Posted by cclawson; updated Sep 14 8:56am

Writing Effective Learning Objectives

Just as you must first determine outcomes when planning curriculum, when lesson planning it is important to first determine the objectives the students will meet.

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Posted by cclawson; updated Sep 14 8:56am