Background on Developing Curriculum

Background on Developing Curriculum

 Curriculum Design frameworks.  Just a reminder that plans or roadmaps are always guided by the beliefs and understandings about teaching and learning of those who create them.    It is also guided by understanding our field of study and how it can impact society.

Big Picture:

To get you thinking big picture watch this TED Talk: Inverting the Curriculum by AIex Diaz.

Diaz speaks to motivating students by starting with the big picture.   This relates to the overall curriculum design.  He questions why do we start with the tiniest details when the big picture is much more motivating to our students. 

Diaz’s talk gives a perspective on why professors may want to invert or flip not only our classrooms, but the entire curriculum.  In the past, instructors were responsible for developing their own class in a vacuum, today educators are realizing that if we start with the big picture and carry this to our courses and lessons students will not only be more motivated, but better prepared because they will be learning the right things.