Getting Started in the Curriculum Development Process

Planning an effective curriculum is not something that can be done quickly- creating a curriculum on a program level will likely take months to a year depending on how aggressive the players are. Many programs have benefited from outside facilitators who help to guide the process that don’t have a stake in the final product.  There will be disagreements and some angst, but it is worth discussing and the mental exercise that gets the major players to think outside their own “course” and think about what is the best for students.  Creating consensus does not mean that everyone agrees, it means that everyone agrees that when the majority decide they will go along.   Some believe that bringing together key faculty and stakeholders (no more than 14 players) and working on the process in a 3-5 day session is the most effective (less outside distractions and less time catching up if the process is extended over several months). 

Who might you include in the development process for your curriculum?  Once you have decided who will be involved in the process, take a look at the guides to developing curriculum found in the Processes of Developing Curriculum article.