Learner-Centered Teaching Techniques


Learner-Centered Teaching Techniques

Learner-Centered Teaching Techniques are defined by a shift from a teacher or lecturer focused classroom environment to one that is focused on the needs of the students. Learning is an active search for meaning by the learner and constructed rather than passively received. 

In a learner-centered teaching environment, learners... 

  • Actively participate in their own learning
  • Make decisions about what and how they will learn 
  • Become capable of constructing new knowledge and skills by building on past experiences

In a learner-centered teaching environment, teachers...

  • Recognize that all learners are unique and utilize different teaching styles
  • Provide structure and direction
  • Facilitate learner's decision-making process 

What are some techniques on the list that you find successful in your classroom?  What techniques are do you like to use to engage learners?   

Do you ever feel like your students are not engaged in their learning?  Maybe you wish you could add more variety into your teaching or you simply want a list of teaching techniques to use as a quick guide while lesson planning.  The Higher Education Learner-Centered Classroom Practices article offers a list of learner-centered teaching techniques to serve as a quick reference to various teaching techniques that can be used in your classroom.  Each technique is listed with a short description of what it is and how to implement it.  Some techniques also include examples of how to use the technique or possible benefits students can gain from the technique.