How will you know your students have met your learning objectives?

After you have clearly outlined your learning objectives or desired results, you will move onto the next stage of lesson planning—planning assessments.  In order to do this you should ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What evidence can show that students have reached the desired learning objectives?
  2. What assessment tasks and other evidence will guide our instruction?
  3. What should we look for to determine the extent of student understanding?

It is very important to first consider how you will know that students achieved the outcomes before planning the instruction.  Assessment evidence should prove that the students have met the desired outcomes, rather than simply generate grades.  Using one form of assessment at the end of a teaching unit is likely not going to give you the best idea of how well students understand the material.  It is important use a variety of assessment methods to gather evidence as you progress through a lesson.

For information on various ways to assess student learning visit the Assessments and Evaluation resource area.