2017 Teaching & Learning Symposium

The primary goal of the Symposium is to help faculty improve the use of PBEA E-Learning Modules in their classrooms and to improve overall classroom teaching  through use of learning-centered teaching techniques.   Although the agenda is not ready to share, we wanted to give you a heads-up so you can save the dates and secure your flight. 


Just as the plant breeding discipline is based in science so is classroom teaching and learning.  The workshops will address how faculty can help students increase retention and understanding of information and concepts through lectures, how to develop questioning strategies that increase student critical thinking skills, how to incorporate professional skills (communication, team-building, leadership) in their courses, and ways to effectively assess student performance.  There will also be time for participants to develop a lesson plan that incorporates learner-centered techniques for each of the PBEA modules and practice teaching using some of these techniques.