Professional Learning Community

Professional Learning Community

What is it? A professional learning community (PLC) is a group of professionals who are collectively engaged in learning together. A PLC is where professionals can exchange information, expertise, and resources and where common interests can lead to collaborations. In this case our PLC is about helping us all become better faculty and instructors through sharing our expertise.

Who is it for? This PLC is for plant breeding faculty and instructors who want to excel in their teaching in order to help students have stronger understanding, skills, and perspectives related to the course content.

How can it be effective? Faculty and instructors will need to contribute their ideas, frustrations, successes, and resources for the benefit of all. This can come in the form of responding to contributions about teaching and learning, uploading lesson plans that work for them, making suggestions on how to use the E-learning modules, and adding insight into others reflections and contributions. Although Iowa State University staff is providing the technical infrastructure, management and initial contributions it is the responsibility of faculty and instructors to develop and maintain the community of practice in order to be effective. Improving our University Plant Breeding graduate programs is our common quest. To do this we need to be engaged and actively seek to improve our teaching & learning practice.

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