Quantitative Genetics

Applied learning e-modules will be used to expose students to application of quantitative genetic models to plant breeding populations. Specific topics include conducting and interpreting Multi-Environment Trials, Resource allocation using engineering Principles, Genetic Modeling of Quantitative Traits, Simulation Modeling, Variance, covariance and Heritability, Prediction, Selection and Genetic Gain. The roles of molecular genetic tools are fully integrated into these topics.

Coordinator: William Beavis

Collaborating Faculty in Africa:

  • KNUST: Richard Akromah, Joseph Sarkodie-Addo, Maxwell Asante
  • MAK: Richard Edema, Paul Gibson, Settumba Mukasa, Patrick Ongom
  • UKZN: John Derera, Pangirayi Tongoona, Hussein Shimelis


Applied Learning Activities

The following Applied Learning Activities (ALAs) are associated with the Quantitative Genetics course.