Consulting & Workshops

Consulting & Workshops

We believe in each faculty member’s power to motivate, guide, and teach to students to become highly effective professionals.  Our goal is to inspire and provide the tools needed to create effective learning environments and curriculum.  Our goal has been to transform university faculty from trained plant breeders to PLANT BREEDING EDUCATORS.  Having expertise and experience with working with plant breeding faculty in Africa, the Iowa State University Agriculture Education and Studies Department can provide individual consultation and professional development in the following or can create professional development based on your department’s needs.

  • Planning effective lessons
  • Developing applied learning activities
  • Enhancing the classroom environment
  • Course/program curriculum design
  • Enhancing lectures and incorporating learner-centered strategies and methods
  • Teaching with Classroom Response Systems
  • Assessments and evaluations
  • Coaching and Mentoring


I became a lecturer in the university without any pedagogical skills…and ever since we started doing this work with PLC, it's been like an Aha moment- it's just like, wow, I wish I knew this technique before. There's been a lot of things we've learned now that I think are making me even better and better in, in doing my teaching.

Dr. Richard Edema
Makarere University

I found a lot of new strategies such as how to engage the students in a class with good examples and learning aids that helps make the student understand. After the symposium, I found myself much more effective in interacting with students and helping them to understand and learn.

Dr. Patrick Ongom
Makerere University

Mike Retallick
Professor and Chair,
Iowa State University (ISU)
(515) 294-4810
201 Curtiss 513 Farm House Lane Ames, IA 50011

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